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Blued Steel Cyber Cell Resin Pen Blank
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Blued Steel Cyber Cell Resin Pen Blank
Click to enlargeClick photo to enlarge.

Blue and Gray translucent resin in a thin walled aluminum honeycomb structure. The cells in the structure are approximately 0.15" from flat to flat.

Price is per blank. Multiple blanks shown to illustrate variety. Each blank measures 3/4"+ square x 5.5"+ long.

The Cyber Cell line of pen blanks feature a combination of resins and aluminum honeycomb. These make some great looking pens, and while they turn easily they can be a little difficult due to the many joints in each blank. Therefore we recommend that you have some experience with turning resins and experience with segmented or wood/acrylic blanks will help.

Blued Steel has translucent resin so it is very easy to see the tube beneath the resin. This isn't necessarily bad, it depends on the look you are going for. An unpainted blank/tube will give the finished blank a golden hue. In the example shown below you can see a comparison between an unpainted blank and one that has been painted with a silver metallic acrylic paint.

When drilling consider not drilling through the end of the blank. Drill to the depth needed then cut the excess off the blank. Be sure to clear chips frequently and avoid overheating this or any resin blank.

These blanks definitely need the support of a brass tube or other structure. While the aluminum honeycomb gives these blanks their visual appeal it does introduce many points of potential failure. If you try to break these blanks you will. So they are not recommended for applications without some sort of added support.

When turning be sure to keep your tools sharp and take lite flowing cuts. We've also found that turning from the ends towards the center of the blank will result in less stress on the blanks. Also using thin CA glue on the blank to reinforce the resin/aluminum joints as you get down to the final diameter. Be sure to turn off the lathe when you apply the glue (and make sure ALL of the glue has set before turning the lathe back on). And if necessary remove the blank from the bushings so that blank does not get glued to the bushings.

Finish like you would any resin blank. Sand through 6-800 grit. Sand through the Micro Mesh grits, and polish. Do be careful that if the aluminum and epoxy separates a little you could have a very sharp point on the blank and it could cut into your finger as it rapidly turns.

Side view of a finished example
Side view of a finished example
Click to enlargeClick image to enlarge.
"Top" view of a finished example
"Top" view of a finished example
Click to enlargeClick image to enlarge.
Close up of the cells on a couple of finished CyberCell blanks.
Close up of the cells on a couple of finished CyberCell blanks.
Click to enlargeClick image to enlarge.
Comparison of unpainted (top) and silver painted blank
Comparison of unpainted (top) and silver painted blank
Click to enlargeClick image to enlarge.


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